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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Wat is a Form M?

A: A Form M is the application form required for all importation of physical goods into Nigeria.


Q: Where or how do I get to fill the Form M?

A: Importers can gain access to the Customs online portal with the use of their Tax Identification Number (TIN) obtained from FIRS. (Please visit


Q: What do I need for the Form M?

A: The following documents are required to fill and submit the Form M Online:

  • Insurance Certificate with 110% CFR value
  • Proforma Invoice (within 3 months validity)
  • SONCAP Product Certificate in case of regulated products, or other regulatory permit depending on item of import

Q: Can my supplier ship goods to me while I’m processing the Form M registration?

A: NO. The Form M MUST be duly registered by the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) and customer receives notification of complete registration prior to shipment into Nigeria.


Q: What is a Letter of Credit (LC)?

A: An LC is a written undertaking issued by Sterling Bank at the request of our customer (importer) to the overseas exporter (through exporter’s bank) to pay at sight or at a determinable future date, or as stated, a specific sum of amount against complying presentation.


Q: How is a confirmed LC different from an Unconfirmed LC?

A: A confirmed LC provides additional payment guarantee by an overseas bank, but for an Unconfirmed LC, only the issuing bank’s credit worthiness is substituted with that of the importer.


Q: What documents do I need to apply for an LC?

A: Documents required to open a Form M include:
-Form ‘M’ registered by the NCS with Letter of Credit as mode of payment
-Other documents used for the Form M registration
-Sterling Bank Online LC Application Form


Q: What are the charges for opening an LC?

A: *Charges include the following:
-Commission: 1%
-Telex: N10,000.00
*These exclude overseas bank charges for advising and confirming the LC


Q: What does the transaction cycle of an LC look like?

A: Below is the transaction cycle of a typical LC


Q: How do I sign-up or register?

A: Steps to sign-up on this platform

  • Click on the Register menu
  • Provide sterling account number and click the “Validate & Send Code” button
  • A 6-digit code is sent to your email address
  • Supply the code and your preferred password to complete the sign-up process
  • Login using your email address and password
  • In case you forget your password, use the “Forgot Password” feature to reset or create one